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38940 State Route 373. Greer Arizona 85927
(928) 735-7540
Located in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona
Only 12 Miles From Sunrise Ski Resort
"building fond memories one visit at a time"

Hiking in Greer
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East Fork Trail
West Fork Trail Squirrel Springs Trail
Pole Knoll Area
Mount Baldy West
Mount Baldy
South Fork Trail
Escudilla Mtn.Trail
West Fork Trail
Thompson Trail
Railroad Grade Trail
Big Lake Lookout Trail
Indian Springs Trail
Saffel Canyon OHV
Murray Basin Trail
Butler Canyon Trail
Fishing in Greer
Greer Lakes
Fishing license needed
Within walking distance there are 3 lakes in Greer and miles of stream fishing
  • River Reservoir (largest)
  • Bunch Reservoir
  • Tunnel Reservoir
  • Little Colorado River
Private Lakes
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greer meadow lakes
Greer Meadow Lakes operated by Lazy Trout Market in Greer Arizona.
Specializing in fly fishing catch & release with barbless hooks.
Stocked on 3/15/2015 and 3/22/2015
Half day rates and full day rates
Web site Greer Meadow Lakes
Horseback Riding
Greer Lakes
Two great places near Greer for Horseback
  • White Mountain Stables at Sunrise Ski Resort
    call for reservations Jennifer


Skiing during winter months

Sunrise Ski Resort is only 12 miles from Greer. Sunrise has 3 mountains and 65 ski runs. This is a true paradise for the snow boarder and skier. Sunrise has many events during the winter sports season.

For more information Sunrise web site
Bird watching
benny creek campground

Greer enjoys many different types of birds including birds of prey and owls.
Commonly seen are hawks, owls, bald eagle and golden eagles. Of course numerous smaller bird such as finches, Nut Cracker, wood peckers and the beautiful Blue Stellers. The summer becomes a humming bird paradise with numerous species coming from as far as
2000 miles away.
Fishing Guide in Greer
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Fly fishing
Cinda Howard is our local fishing guide in Greer.

She specializes in fly fishing only and teaches the art of fly fishing. Empesizing on using bar bless hooks and catch and release to keep the big fish to be caught again. .
For more detailed informatio please visit her web site.
Fly fish Arizona
Campgrounds near Greer
hoyer camp ground

benny creek campground
In Greer we have
Rolf C Hoyer Campground and Benny Creek Campground
For more information
Rolf C Hoyer Campground
Benny Creek Campground

Just minutes away from Greer there are 2 more
1. South ForkCampground
Off the highway 260 between Greer and Eagar.
2. Wynn Campground Off highway 273 the road to
Big Lake