lazy trout

Greer's - Lazy Trout Market™, Motel and (nightly) Cabin Rentals in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona. Pet Friendly! Only 12 Miles From Sunrise Ski Resort.

"Creating fond memories one visit at a time"
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greer meadow lakes

Greer Meadow Lakes Now Open

The Best Fly Fishing in Arizona

Off State Route 373 Greer, AZ

  • Very large trout 
  • Smart fish 
  • Private Ponds
  • Skill required  
  • Fly Fishing
  • Trophy Fish
  • Catch and Release
  • 8 Persons at a time
  • Cool weather
  • $40.00 Half Day
  • $80.00 Full Day
  • prices subject to change 
greer meadow lakes

This is not a free facility and is not included in your rental of cabins or motel rooms. To qualify to use this facility: Must be experienced fly fisherman. If not hire a guide Must have your own fly rod Must have cloth type fish net Can only use barb-less hooks. Absolutely no spinners of any kind Absolutely no live bait Must have hemostats or equivalent to bend barbs back and to remove hook from fish should it be necessary to release fish properly.
By practicing this type of fly fishing creates large trout because these fantastic fish are placed back in the water and allows the trout to grow even larger. We are utilizing green power for this fish farm by using windmills to aerate these fine waters. We only allow up to 8 fly fisherman at one time.                  

back lake


We use wind power as much a possible to help aerate the ponds and keep water healthy for the trout. In the summer time we also need to run electric aerators to keep the oxygen at good levels for the trout to remain healthy.

catch a fish

Professional guides are available to teach you the art of fly fishing. We have several patient guides for additional fees.

One of the best ways to teach young people to respect the living fish and to keep it alive is quite rewarding for your kids.

Professional Guide Cinda Howard contact
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