• Stocked 3-15-15
  • Constant strikes
  • Private Ponds
  • Fly Fishing
  • Trophy Fish
  • Catch and Release
  • 8 Persons at a time
  • Cool weather
  • $25.00 Half Day
  • $45.00 Full Day

Greer, Arizona at it's 8500 feet elevation and located in Northeastern Arizona. We are in an area known as The White Mountains and only 12 miles from Sunrise Ski Resort. We are in a small pocket of private land surrounded by National Forest land. We worked hard to make this a true fisherman's paradise created by avid fishermen. Now this area has an alternative to the heavy fished lakes in this White Mountain area.
Greer Meadow Lakes offers 3 one acre lakes for catch and release fly fishing with only artificial flies and barb-less hooks.
By practicing this type of fly fishing creates large trout because these fantastic fish are placed back in the water and allows the trout to grow even larger. We are utilizing green power for this fish farm by using windmills to aerate these fine waters. We allow up to 8 fly fisherman at one time to keep this area from overcrowding. For larger parties we will rent out the entire 10 acre site.
We also offer one pond for pay by the pound fishing for those that really want to keep and eat the fish. This is a great experience for young fisherman to introduce them to a great sport. We stock this pond often thus there is always lots of action. Prices per pound vary due to the fluctuating prices we pay to our fish farmer to deliver our fish from either Utah or Idaho

Come and enjoy your family at this amazing place.

Side lake at Greer meadow lakes
back lake at Greer Meadow Lakes

We use wind power as much a possible to help aerate the ponds and keep water healthy for the trout. In the summer time we also need to run electric aerators to keep the oxygen at good levels for the trout to remain healthy.

greer meadow lakes guide

Professional guides are available to teach you the art of fly fishing. We have several patient guides for additional fees.

One of the best ways to teach young people to respect the living fish and to keep it alive is quite rewarding for your kids.