Lazy Trout

Greer's - Lazy Trout Market™ Motel and (nightly) Cabin Rentals in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona. Pet Friendly! Only 12 Miles From Sunrise Ski Resort.

"Creating fond memories one visit at a time"
For reservations please call (928) 735-7540

Fish Tagging Derby of 2014 sponsored by
Business Council of Greer. On April 30th 2014 we
tagged a total of 50 fish from the stock truck. We
then placed 30 tagged fish in River Reservoir, 10 in
Tunnel Reservoir and 10 in Bunch Reservoir.
The derby started May 1st 2014 and ended on
October 31st 2014. See complete details by clicking
this FISHING DERBY on the Greer Arizona web site.
No registration necessary and did not need to be
present to win.

We hope it was fun for everyone.


Grand Prize . . . .$10,000.00 No winner


First Prize . . . . . . . .$250.00


Second Prize . . . . . $100.00